Alkemie Jane
Alkemie Jane

"I went into the woods because I wanted to live deliberately.
I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life...
to put to rout all that was not life; and not, when I came to die,
discover that I had not lived."
-Henry David Thoreau

This is my attitude toward art and life.
I want to create and explore, with no reservations.


I am a rock-n-roll girl with a soft side, a freckled riot waiting to happen.

I like leather and lace, daisies and bondage-rope, glitter, fake-blood, stripper-heels, and plain old blue jeans.

I am proud of where I've been, what I've done, and the scars I've gotten along the way.

I like portraying a character, but I prefer being myself.

I am not afraid of showing something personal in each image, whether literally by posing nude, or figuratively with something more interesting than a body.

I love traveling, and want to do more of it. I am quite available with decent notice and expenses covered.

I have rules. I'll let you know when you're getting close to one.

I'm a professional. I will show up on time, prepared, and I will work hard to create something we're both happy with.

I am interested in more genres than I can possibly list here; there's nothing more fun than stepping out of the safe little box and experiencing something new. If you offer something you don't already see in my portfolio, let's talk!

I am picky. I don't often work for trade because, quite frankly, I like having a roof over my head, and that costs money. If I say no to trade, please don't be butt-hurt about it; it's not meant to offend you, it's just business. That being said, I'll do a lot for work that really blows my mind.

I am interested in new tearsheets- magazines, ads, catalogs, fashion-shows, gallery exhibits, etc. If you're interested in my look for any of these, please don't hesitate to write!

I would love to collaborate with some killer designers and stylists. Hair, make-up, wardrobe, whatever- I'm interested. Drop me a line!

I have one tattoo- a small black ankh on my left hip, my left earlobe is pierced twice, my right earlobe is pierced three times, and I have a considerable number of small scars on my hands, arms, and legs. These are a part of me, for better or worse, and I ask that you DO NOT photoshop them out without at least talking to me about it first. I also have a pretty epic scar on my ass at the moment (fading fast, but it's there for the time being). Please feel free to edit that one out. MY HAIR IS CURRENTLY BLACK, but I change my hair frequently. Keep an eye out for updated photos, coming soon!

I am also a photographer: see my work under the name Janey Avalon.

I come with references. Feel free to ask if you'd like to check them.

I don't like spinach, coffee, winter, or people who talk in the theater.



Alkemie Jane

WIGS- I haz them, and I love to play dress-up! These are the 3 I have currently:
NEW ONE! almost boob-length, wavy, layered, brown
short (earlobe-length), wavy/messy, platinum blond
collar-bone length, layered, straight, jet-black, with blunt bangs


i respond to emails rather quickly most of the time, but if you're dying to find me elsewhere...


ModelMayhem (main port)

ModelMayhem (mainstream port)


facebook fan-page


you can follow me on twitter!


***Check out my brand-spankin'-new style blog "TrashDoll Fashion" here!***

You can also see my photography on...



Janey Avalon site


age- 23

location- Cleveland Ohio, but I love to travel!

height- 5'6"

weight- 125 lbs

bust- 37"

under bust- 32"

waist- 28"

hips- 37"

bra size- 32A

dress size- 4 to 6

shoe size- 8.5

hair- short and black

eyes- green

skin- pale, with lots of freckles

left ear pierced twice, right ear pierced three times

small black ankh tattoo on left hip

lots of scars on hands, arms, and legs,
one epic one on butt

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