Alkemie Jane
Alkemie Jane
Spellbell and I <3 you!
webcam supermodels!
in our natural habitat- me smoking, Spell being cute as hell :-)
Spellbell, my sister, my heart-friend, my other half.
smoking outside Kucinich's office... cuz I can.
Spellbell and I are total rockstars
... WTF KRYS???...
KeelzeyBop, Krys Hero and I have an impromptu jam-session in the kitchen
... i really wish i had an explanation for this...
a random evening at home with KeelzeyBop and Krys Hero
chillin' at Bella Sin's apartment
yeah... you just wish you were as cool as us. :-P
me and Twitter at the cupcake party-
tell me she doesn't look like her adopted senior-mom (only, y'know, not glowy)
me at a cupcake party with Sunshine, Twitter, and Mommy-Max
me and Mr Black at Jose's wedding reception
me and Sicari on a smoke-break at Jose's wedding
Sunshine's Spring Break adventure :-)
chillaxin' poolside with Krys Hero
me, Krys Hero, and Bubbles at the pool
smooches for Bubbles!
me 'n' Bubbles r scene queens!
Toledo-trip with Sunshine!
me and Bubbles on the 4th of July
party at the House Of Temptation (my first apartment)
dancing with Bubbles and Meghan
party at my big brother's house!
(left to right, Bubbles, me, my little sister, and Court standing awkwardly in the background)
me and Meghan at the Dublin Irish Festival
at the Chiodos/ Coheed & Cambria/ Linkin Park concert
an outing with Bubbles- I persuaded her to play hookie and engage in some disruptive behavior at the local BK
me and the late, great Cloverfield Monster... RIP, you furry spaz. <3
pool party with sunshine!
Ashley's 23rd Birthday (right to left- me, Morgan, Meghan, Ashley, Keith, and a girl I don't know)
at Niagara Falls '07 (left to right- Bubbles, me, Tori, and Keelzey)
me 'n' Twitter at my senior choir concert
me 'n' Twitter- fuck the paparazzi
me 'n' Aqua at Warped Tour '06
with my big brother, Independence Day '06

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