Alkemie Jane
Alkemie Jane
Alkemie Jane likes to support worthwhile causes;
here are some of them.

Please take a moment to check these out,
and contribute if you can.


Not just a charity- it's a movement.

TWLOHA is an organization hell-bent on raising awareness about

addiction, depression, self-injury, and suicide.

Read the story, for me.

The Interfaith Hospitality Network

A group created to help the poor, hungry, and homeless.

This is an incredible organization,

and while they appreciate your financial contributions,

your time and hard work are much more vital to their success.
The Hot Topic Foundation
(, then the Hot Topic Foundation link at the bottom of the page.)
While I'm not a die-hard Hot Topic fan,
The Hot Topic Foundation has done so much to help
keep the arts in schools around the country.
And if there weren't art in our world,
none of the work you just saw on this site would be here.
Everybody loves boobs-
you wouldn't be here if you didn't!
So help raise awareness for breast cancer with this kick-ass organization,
and get a giggle every time you get to say "boobies".

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